2.351 Arugula Pizza


22 (Thu) December 2011

Arugula Pizza


at Due Cose

-Hannam, Yongsan, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

w W and DJ

I was happy to discover that our neighborhood hole-in-the-wall Italian joint in Hannam, which had mysteriously vanished several months ago, had not gone out of business but moved to a secluded alley across the street.  We promptly headed to the new location for some of our old favorites.

Unbeknownst to us, the place has become something of a local hotspot, what with all the luxury apartments cropping up in the area but not a wide range of chi-chi eateries catering to the discerning residents; we arrived at 1830 to grab the last open table.

Maybe it’s because a restaurant seems to lose a touch of the original magic when it relocates to better digs, or maybe we were still buzzing from recent experiences at other restaurants, but the food at the refitted Due Cose was a bit disappointing.  Frankly, the food had never been spectacular, just admirably good for a place so close to home, especially the wood-fired Neopolitan-style pizza, a rarity way back when.  But everything was blander than I’d remembered, now along the level of blah associated with the food preferred by the rich-though-timid wannabe gourmands who primarily feed south of the river.  Despite the joy that I may appear to exude whenever ripping apart certain establishments for their perceived failings, I really really really despise finding that an old favorite haunt has gone by the wayside.

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