3.034 Bulnak Jeongol


8 (Wed) February 2012

Bulnak Jeongol


at Gwacheon Sutbul Galbi

-Cheongpa, Yongsan, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with MtG + F, CJH + KKH, KIT, LHS

MtG’s girlfriend, who recently finished her master’s in textile design, is holding an exhibition of her latest project at Sookmyung University.  Contrary to what I’d imagined, textile design is not only about developing new fabrics that will ultimately be used for clothing, upholstery, etc, but also about creating art pieces with existing fabrics – at least, that’s what she does.  The project, entitled “Hallucinating Forest,” involved leaf shapes cut from cloth and sewn onto cloth sheets, each hanging like a curtain from the ceiling.  Interesting.

Incidentally, I should stop calling her “MtG’s girlfriend.” I should start calling her “MtG’s Fiancée.”  Yes, apparently, it’s official.  Once she becomes an official fixture in his life, and indirectly mine, and thus on GMTD, I will assign her initials. For the record, her name is NSJ.

Anyway, after the opening reception of the exhibition, she bought dinner for those attending.

Bulnak Jeongol (불낙전골) is a Korean dish.   It’s a hotpot comprising of beef bulgogi and the small octopus nakji – surf & turf.  The name of the dish is a portmanteau of “bul” and “nak.”  It’s quickly served yet leisurely eaten, tasty and filling, and pairs well with all manner of (Korean) booze.

Here, the jeongol was good.  Also included noodles and tofu.  To finish off the meal, a fried rice was made in the remaining broth.  A great meal for a large gathering in a festive mood on a cold winter evening.  And at 12,000 won per serving (the photo shows 3 servings), it’s not too bad in price.

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