3.080 Gungjung Ddeokbokki


25 (Sun) March 2012

Gungjung Ddeokbokki


by MIL

at their home

-Apgujeong, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ, the In-Laws, BIL and family

Gungjung Ddeokbokki (궁중 떡볶기) is a Korean dish.  Consists of rice cakes, often with other ingredients, such as beef and/or mushrooms and/or onions and/or noodles, sautéed in soy sauce.  Reputedly derives from royal culinary traditions – “gungjung = palace.”

I’m not a fan.  I prefer the modern spicy street version.

MIL makes it for her son whenever he’s over for dinner.  He seems to enjoy it.

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