3.085 Smoked Duck with Mixed Greens


30 (Fri) March 2012

Smoked Duck with Mixed Greens


at Catholic Publishing House

-Junglim, Jung, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ, Mom + Dad, maternal-side relatives

My cousin BW got hitched today.  Technically, she’s been married for a couple years, but circumstances had prevented the family from throwing a formal ceremony until now.  Though 13 years apart in age, she’s the closest thing that I have to a sister, so it was a touching occasion for me (and for others, too, I suppose).

The W Sisters [from left]: M, B, T (wearing negligee top, miniskirt, and high heels).
B (being a dork) + Liah (being a doll).

Incidentally, my uncle is a priest, at one time CEO of the Catholic Publishing House, which explains what may seem like an unusual venue.

Cousins PJS and PMS manning the register (cash gifts from quests), a duty that they’d performed at my wedding.

Getting into the spirit of things, we started doing shots under the table, fully cognizant of the potential folly in boozing while handling money.  In taking extra care not to miss anything at the end, we did a double-check of the drawer and discovered an envelope containing 300,000 won, presumably left behind from a prior wedding.  Under the common law defense of privilege, whereby the finder of lost property is entitled to ownership if the original owner cannot be identified, we decided to keep the money and apply it towards the purchase of more booze in grateful recognition of our fulfillment of the wedding responsibilities charged to us.

Some guy from the K-Pop group GOD sang to the couple (the groom was once involved with the entertainment industry).

The food was okay.  Unlike many wedding buffets, which often attempt a wide range of non-Korean items and fail, most of the dishes here were safely and competently Korean.

I was the first cousin to get married, followed by PJS, and now BW.  3 cousins remain.

Actually, we have 3 additional cousins in North Korea, at least we did as of 1993 – but that’s another story.  I don’t know their marital statuses.

The re-newlyweds entering the dining hall for the cake-cutting ceremony.

Anyway, this was the first time in perhaps nearly a decade that the cousins were assembled under the same roof, this time with 4 kids of the next generation.

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