3.094 Chamchi Hoe


8 (Sun) April 2012

Chamchi Hoe


at Dokdo Chamchi

-Sinsa, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with MtG + NSJ, CJH + KKH, CSW, LHS + YYH

This was the sorriest excuse for tuna sashimi that I’ve ever encountered.  The fish itself was bad enough, frozen and flavorless.  The variety and quality of the side dishes, equally important in such tuna sashimi multi-course meals, were beyond redemption.  Presumably to cut overhead, they used rocks instead of shredded daikon to plate the fish; I’m actually opposed to the wastefulness of using shredded daikon for presentation purposes, but the rocks here looked rather grubby.  What a travesty.  Ridiculously priced at 28,000 won per person.


After the camping crew dropped by the hospital to see the baby (and the mommy) (and the daddy, maybe), I took them out to dinner.  I felt bad that the food was so terrible.

“Ian Zachary.”  The “Ian” is mainly because it works well in both English and Korean (이안).  It feels crisp, clean.  I’ve never met an Ian in person, but the most famous Ian that I can recall is Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond novels, which I read with great passion in my youth and may largely be responsible for making me into the deadly and debonaire man that I am today.  The name was a strong contender for our first, until “Dominic” won it in the end for various reasons (e.g., August 8, his EDD, is the day of St. Dominico, and Dominic Miller is Sting’s guitarist).  Incidentally, my cousin HJ a couple months ago and my friend HJ a couple years ago each named their sons “Ian,” though they (who, I just realized, have similar names themselves) deny stealing it from me.  The “Zachary” is simply because I wanted his middle initial to be “Z” (“Zeke,” “Zeb,” and “Zane” were all briefly considered).  I’ve been calling him “Izzy,”

Also, the names of the two boys have symmetry: “Dominic Jet” and “Ian Zachary” each have a total 10 letters (7+3/3+7); the vowels of their Korean names are inverted (다민/이안); and, as a bonus, “Dominic” means “of God,” while “Ian” means “God is gracious” and “Zachary” means “God remembers” (I’m not religious, but I’ll take my blessings where they fall for the sake of my sons).

Try to guess which one is which.

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