3.095 Chicken & Zucchini Jjajang Myeon with Kal Guksu


9 (Mon) April 2012

Chicken & Zucchini Jjajang Myeon with Kal Guksu


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


After a few days of eating in and around the hospital (see most recently 3.094 Chamchi Hoe), I was granted reprieve to go home and relax.

With the leftover ingredients that the nanny had used to make sujebi, and a tub of takeout jjajang sauce, I took a shot at my own jjajang myeon. The improvised kal guksu noodles weren’t as chewy/resilient as I would’ve liked, but otherwise everything else was pretty good; in fact, the shredded chicken breast was a nice addition – lean yet filling.  If the sauce freezes well, I may keep some on hand.  And I’ll have to experiment with other types of quick-fix noodles.

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