3.098 Beef Burrito


12 (Thu) April 2012

Beef Burrito


from Fog City International Café

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Among the burritos from Fog City International Café, I’ve concluded the beef to be the best of the bunch.  While I found their chicken and vegetarian burritos both to be “immaculately constructed, fundamentally sound, pleasingly simple” but a “bit boring” without additional toppings, the beef version featured the same high quality plus a stronger flavor profile, perhaps owing to the inherently assertive character of beef, thus making it much more satisfying as is.  Of course, a healthy dollop of Fog City’s excellent spicy salsa de gallo fresco with each bite never hurts.  Another difference, maybe a new feature (?), was the inclusion of kidney beans in the mix – as seen in the photo, the cut happened to catch a prominent cross-section of a kidney bean – which added a pleasant bite to the typical mushiness of standard refried beans.  This is the frozen burrito to keep on hand.

4 beef burritos + 6 breakfast burritos + 1 chili with beans + 2 spicy salsa de gallo fresca + 1 bean dip

Because nobody would be home at the time of delivery, the arrangement had been to leave the stuff with the security guard, simple enough.  In addition to the burritos and other goodies from the restaurant, the owner of Fog City had acquired a whole frozen turkey for me, so he came to deliver it all in person.  Our nanny, instructed to get the stuff on her way home from the hospital, called me later in the afternoon to say that the security guard was claiming it be his and refusing to give it up.  According to him, who was the guard manning the entrance to our apartment complex, not the guard posted in front of our building, an American man had dropped off a box and said, “seonmul” (선물) (gift).  In other words, he would have us believe that some random white guy had showed up out of the blue to bestow upon him a bounty of turkey and burritos and salsa and chili and bean dip.  WTF?!?!   When I got the guard on the phone, he asked me, “Are you sure that it’s yours? The guy said that it was a gift for me.”

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