3.155 Romaine Wraps with Pastrami & Pepper Jack

Cycle 3 – Item 155

8 (Fri) May 2012

 Romaine Wraps with Pastrami & Pepper Jack


by me

at my parents’ home

-Geumgok, Bundang, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-


Dropping by my folks’ place and finding nobody home, I rummaged through the fridge to fix myself dinner and discovered an unopened package of beef pastrami.  As a pastrami, it fell far short.  As a packaged salty beef cold cut, it was passable.

Suji’s started out around the mid-00s in Itaewon as a casual restaurant that quickly gained notoriety both for serving brunch fare, just as brunch was becoming popular in Korea, and for serving brunch fare in huge portions.  I recall having an omelet there that looked like it contained a dozen eggs.

Then, a couple years ago, they started this Suji’s Deli product line, which somehow managed to get picked up by Costco.  The pastrami and other offerings that I’ve tried aren’t great but decent for what they are.  As far as I’m aware, Suji’s Deli may be the first and only brand of American-style sandwich meats made in Korea, not counting the mass-produced “ham” products from the big corporations.



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