3.165 Hanbang Jangeo

Cycle 3 – Item 165

18 (Mon) June 2012

Hanbang Jangeo


at Jangsucheon

-Geumgok, , Republic of Korea-

with Mom + Dad

Earning GMTD’s rare and distinguished 4.0 rating on my first visit, the restaurant has provided diminishing returns on subsequent visits.

The new digs.My perceptions this evening may have been adversely tainted by the rushed and unsettled nature of the experience.  Not initially part of the plan, I happened to be in the neighborhood and dropped by halfway into the meal, making me feel like I had to scramble for whatever was left on the grill.  Also, the restaurant’s recent relocation to a new building next door and the resulting increase in customers left the staff both disoriented and shorthanded, making the entire scene feel cramped and chaotic.  We couldn’t wait to get out of there.

Shiny new tables.
One portion of eel at 28,000 won (up from 25,000 won).
It’s still good but gradually less so.



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