3.348 Mackerel & Steak Fries in Whitened Red Curry

Cycle 3 – Item 348

18 (Tue) December 2012

Mackerel & Steak Fries in Whitened Red Curry


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ, Nanny 8

With leftover curry paste from my very first go at Sri Lankan food (see 3.295 Mackerel & Potatoes in Whitened Red Curry), I attempted a redo.

Knowing how spicy the curry would be, I prepared the potatoes separately – precooked/frozen/bagged “steak fries” – so that DJ could eat them.  However, I left the potatoes in the oven for too long, not quite burned but to the point of being inedibly dry; I suspect that they wouldn’t have been any good regardless.  In a salvage attempt, I added them to the curry, which succeeded in rehydrating the potatoes and sucking up all the liquid in the process.  Ultimately, I was left with a goopy mess.  The mackerel was also a bit fishy.  Unpalatable, as far as I was concerned, but again, for some reason, the nanny seemed to like it.


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