3.353 Gom Tang

Cycle 3 – Item 353

23 (Sun) December 2012

Gom Tang


at Daecheong Maru

-Namyangju, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ

Daecheong Maru is a Korean restaurant.  Specializes in gom tang and other beef soups.

With wood scraps piled high next to the building and along the road, the restaurant is known for using wood-burning stoves to boil their soups.
We pass by the place every time on the way to/from the cabin, but this was our first visit.
I don’t know why wood would make a difference in boiling soup.
Completely empty at dinner time on a Sunday evening.

In contrast to an earlier description that I gave of gom tang as clear broth dish, the milky version as seen here is probably more common.  The milkiness, derived from boiling the bones, would technically make it more of a seolleong tang.  Regardless of nomenclature, the two soups are pretty much the same and served the same way and eaten with the same side dishes and seasonings.

Coarse Sea Salt + Ground Black Pepper + Sliced Scallions: standard seasonings and garnish at any gom/seolleong tang restaurant.
Kimchi + Ggagdugi: standard sides at any gom/seolleong tang restaurant.

Anyway, the gom tang here was decent.



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