3.360 A Pair of McDoubles

Cycle 3 – Item 360

30 (Sun) December 2012

A Pair of McDoubles


at McDonald’s


-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


McDouble is a McDonald’s item.  It’s a burger consisting of a plain bun + two beef patties + cheese + ketchup + mustard + minced onion + pickles.  Essentially the same thing as the standard Cheeseburger with an additional beef patty.  What I love about the Cheeseburger is its simple representation of that distinct McDonald’s taste, a proprietary je ne sais quois artificiality that can’t be found in any burger anywhere else, like they add a sprinkle of a secret flavoring component at some point in the process – in fact, I’m sure that’s exactly what they do.  But the Cheeseburger always seemed to fall a bit short, perhaps too much bread in relation to meat, making it a tad dry.  The McDouble fills that gap perfectly.  I saw a news program a few years back in which company executives were proudly describing the development of the McDouble as a compromise measure when the rising costs of cheese that had rendered the Double Cheeseburger and its two cheese slices too expensive to maintain as a profitable item.  Cost-benefit aside, I think that the McDouble is superior to the Double Cheeseburger, which is a little too cheesy.  In Korea, the McDouble was recently introduced as part of the new Happy Value Menu.  2,000 won each.  I’ll take two

As shown in the featured photo, the pair of McDoubles here came assembled with two bottom buns on one burger and two top buns on the other.  I actually liked the texture of the top-bun burger, being sensually smooth on either side.

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