4.001 Dweji Han Mari

Cycle 4 – Item 1

6 (Sun) January 2013

Dweji Han Mari


at Borine

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with CJH + KKH, LHS + YYH

With this, Cycle 4 begins.  Here we go again.

Somaek: a boilermaker consisting of SOju + MAEKju (beer) – a shortcut to oblivion.

Back in Seoul, for our traditional post-camping wrap-up event, we kept it simple and went to a restaurant in Oksu for dinner.

For GMTD, the meal was also in keeping with the tradition to start or end each cycle at a barbecue restaurant.

At our previous visit to this restaurant, we had ordered a platter of beef cuts.

This time, pork.  The term “dweji han mari” literally means “one pig,” though of course it’s meant figuratively, just a few pieces of belly and shoulder and rib, certainly not the whole animal.  Good enough.

To finish off the meal, KKH made fried rice directly on the griddle with leftover bits of meat and veg and frond and oil.

(See also BOOZE)



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