4.074 Home-Style Bibimbab

Cycle 4 – Item 74

20 (Wed) March 2013

Home-Style Bibimbab


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with DJ

In contrast to the neatly ordered presentations of bibimbab served in restaurants (see most recently 4.065 Bibimbab + McDouble), or even the absurd arrangements that I’ve attempted on GMTD (see for example 3.018 Bibimbab), home-style BBB is a jumbled mess.  The method simply involves whatever namul or other vegetables that happen to be in the fridge, along with appropriate portions of rice and sesame oil and gochujang, maybe a couple fried eggs if it’s a special occasion, all dumped into a large stainless steel mixing bowl, mixed together with a large spoon, then doled out into individual bowls or just shared straight out of the mixing bowl.

At our table, this method makes things easier for everyone.  W is the kind of person who always wants what the other person is eating, like when I prepare separate yet identical platings of bibimbab and she tastes them both and ends up wanting mine, so the communal mash-up gives her only 1 option.  The pre-mix is easier for DJ to handle.


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