4.104 Yusanseulbab

Cycle 4 – Item 105

19 (Fri) April 2013



from Toayen

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with DJ, LJY + B

In Korean-Chinese restaurants, certain dishes generally served party-sized on large platters may be offered in smaller, individual portions over rice (“bab”).  Personally, I don’t like the rice that much, but the rice plate option allows me to get a little taste without paying through the roof for the whole thing: 30,000 won vs. 10,000 won.

Here, it was yusanseul over rice.  As with everything from Toayen, our go-to neighborhood Chinese delivery joint, the food was reliably mediocre.

For Number One Fan LJY’s final night in town, we stayed in, as we had on her first evening here.  Earlier, we’d taken the kids to Children’s Grand Park, a free amusement park/zoo.  Afterwards, we were all a bit too tired to go anywhere, so we just went back to Oksu.  It was a nice/quiet/relaxing way to end the trip.  However, I was sad that we failed once again to go anywhere for really good food.  Maybe next time.

As with his daddy and her mommy, DJ acts the fool while B plays it cool.



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