4.115 Jjol Myeon

Cycle 4 – Item 115

30 (Tue) April 2013

Jjol Myeon


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ

Though perfectly satisfied with the jjol myeon product that I usually use (see most recently 4.059 Jjol Myeon (with recipe)), I tried out some alternatives for the sake of comparison.  The noodles, made by the food company Songwha, which I’ve never heard of but figured must be reputable if stocked by E-Mart, were pretty good, about as good as the Pulmuone noodles.  The sauce, a seasoned gochujang from E-Mart’s own proprietary brand, was also okay, though a bit on the spicy side; I added some additional sesame oil and sugar.  I’m going back to the Pulmouone.


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