4.114 Ianseul

Cycle 4 – Item 114

29 (Mon) April 2013



by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Because our nanny isn’t very prompt in using up ingredients, I’m compelled on occasion to clean out the fridge and find a way to combine random things into a coherent meal.

How’s that for a mise en place?

This dish was improvised but showed great promise.  It started with a handful of enoki mushrooms.  Due to their stringy nature, I figured that a standard stir-fry wouldn’t work, which led to the idea of a thicker gravy, like for yusanseul.  So I made my basic oyster sauce as a base, then added a lot of chicken stock and corn starch.  I wouldn’t consider this to be a proper yusanseul – for example, it didn’t include sea cucumbers or pork – but it came pretty close.  When IZ got a taste, he enjoyed it so much that his eyes rolled back, like he was about to faint.  Ultimately, he ate more of it than anybody.  I’m naming the dish in his honor.


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