4.177 The Best Late-Night Korean At-Home Meal Ever

Cycle 4 – Item 177

1 (Mon) July 2013

The Best Late-Night Korean At-Home Meal Ever


by MIL

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


I came home late and opened the fridge, no expectations whatsoever, and discovered treasure therein.  MIL had prepared and brought over beef & egg jangjorim and oiji muchim.  In exercise of my rights as a son-in-law, I’ve often made snide asides at the expense of her cooking.  But not tonight.  Both dishes were awesome, especially in combo.  As evident from the photos, I didn’t even bother to sit down and ate everything standing at the counter.  I probably used utensils, though I seem to remember licking my fingers at one point.

While lacking a soup/stew to be considered a true “Korean at-home meal,” I drowned the rice in the jangjorim braising liquid as a kind of broth, so there.


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