4.322 Double Tomato Bacon Deluxe

Cycle 4 – Item 322

23 (Sat) November 2013

Double Tomato Bacon Deluxe


at McDonald’s


-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

The Bacon Tomato Deluxe, featured on GMTD a couple years ago when it was launched (see 2.281 Bacon Tomato Deluxe), has since become a regular menu item but with 1 less bun (nothing in the middle) and 1 less bacon slice (originally 2).

Now, with 1 additional slice of tomato, a sweetened sauce, and an unnecessary rearrangement of the words in the name, it’s evolved into the Double Tomato Bacon Deluxe.  300 won more.  Whether this is the new default or a limited-time offer, who knows.

The tagline reads: “With 2 pieces of tomato, the freshness is double double!” – which is mathematically wrong, because “double double” would actually require 4 pieces of tomato.

Not good.  The main problem was the sauce, previously described as “sweet chili sauce,” but now is so sweet that it overwhelmed everything else, including the sorry-ass solitary bacon slice.

I’m wondering if the bacon was folded in half and pushed to edge to make it look like 2 pieces.

Come to think of it, what the fuck kind of bacon burger comes with only a single slice of bacon?  As I mentioned before (see 4.307 Bean Royale), Korean-run burger joints, even the Korean branches of international fast food companies, lack the capacity to create a competent burger; they just don’t understand the fundamentals.

Also, what’s with charging for the extra slice of tomato?  In light of the ever-growing and well-justified nutritional criticisms against the fast food industry, offering a free slice of tomato would’ve been a wise move.

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