4.344 Nakji Bokkeum Sari


15 (Sun) December 2013

Nakji Bokkeum Sari


by others

at the cabin

-Changchon, Seowon, Hoengseong, Republic of Korea-

with the Family, additional families of DJ’s daycare friends

Retreat with DJ’s Former Daycare Friends & Families (Day 3 of 3)

Nakji (octopus) Bokkeum (stir-fry) Sari (noodles).  The ingredients came in a ready-to-cook package that required a quick stir-fry, with the noodles boiled separately.  It was so absurdly hot/spicy that I could feel the perspiration bead on my forehead as I was swallowing the first bite.

According to at least two people at the table, the heat/spice of any chili-based dish will be amplified by the addition of any grain-based product due to a some kind of synergistic chemical reaction between the capsaicin in the former and the gluten in the latter.  Wouldn’t it just be easier to think that the noodles sop up the sauce, leading to an increased volume of sauce consumption, which is what ups the hot/spicy effect, a simple matter of quantity?

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