4.353 Original Recipe Fried Chicken

Cycle 4 – Item 353

24 (Tue) December 2013

Original Recipe Fried Chicken


from KFC

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


KFC, without question, indubitably, bar none, is my favorite chicken joint.  The Original Recipe, neither the taste nor the texture resembles standard fried chicken – “Nobody does chicken like KFC.”  The unique blend of 11 secret herbs and spices, probably more like 111 with all the chemicals these days – “Finger lickin’ good.”  The pressure-fried skin, not entirely crispy, which would be considered mushy on any other chicken.  Much in the same way that McDonald’s burgers stand apart from the rest of the burgers in the world.  That thigh piece especially – “So good.”

Surprisingly, this is the first time featuring KFC on GMTD.

After an hour of frenetic last-minute Christmas shopping at the Toys-R-Us in the commercial center adjacent to Cheongryangri Station, I stopped by the KFC for a soda and ended up leaving with a bucket of chicken.  Holiday promotion: 10-piece bucket on sale for 13,000 won.  Couldn’t resist.

Unfortunately, the chicken was a bit cold by the time that I got to it.  Cold KFC is still awesome, but a bit short of perfect.

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