4.355 Samgyeopsal + Kimchi + Soju

Cycle 4 – Item 355

26 (Thu) December 2013

Samgyeopsal & Kimchi


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


The trio of pan-fried samgyeopsal, paired with kimchi, washed down with a shot of ice cold soju is the ultimate Korean flavor/texture/food/beverage combination.  The silky/sultry decadence of the pork belly, a touch of salt and pepper for seasoning, cooked to a slight crisp on the edges + the tangy/spicy freshness of the fermented cabbage, literally alive with teeming lactobacilli + the cutting/sobering austerity of the liquor = all synergized to balanced perfection.  While Koreans do exist who don’t like samgyeopsal (20%), or kimchi (1%), or soju (50%) – in the same way that some Americans don’t like burgers, or fries, or Coke – they would be hard put to deny that the combination, for better or for worse, represents the national cuisine.

Hallasan Soju: the first that I’ve ever encountered, tastes like every other soju on the market – yes, ALL sojus taste the same.

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