5.021 Godeungeo Jorim

Cycle 5 – Item 2

26 (Sun) February 2014

Godeungeo Jorim


at Masan Garden

-Bel Air, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with Uncle CS +1

Masan Garden is a Korean restaurant.

Yet another dinner with my Old Man’s kid brother.

On this third occasion, I didn’t mind going for Korean.

One of the older establishments on the block, frequented largely by Korean expats – like my uncle – who’ve been around Manila since before the proliferation of Korean restaurants throughout the city; none of the K staff at WHO, who’ve been here for a couple years at most, had heard of it.

As with the vasty majority of Korean places abroad, the Masan Garden menu is eclectic, comprising the cuisine’s most famous/popular dishes, as well as some Japanese dishes – as opposed to in Korea, where each place tends to specialize in a specific dish/genre/style.

While the side dishes weren’t too bad, the mains fell short in both taste and authenticity.  The godeungeo jorim consisted of what I assume to be local fish, which was fishier, smaller, and seemingly bonier than Korean mackerel.  And the sauce was too salty, too sweet.  Oh well.



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