5.020 Shrimp Cakes

Cycle 5 – Item 20

25 (Sat) February 2014

Shrimp Cakes


at Mesa Grill

(Greenbelt 5)

-Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

w Uncle CS +1

The good news was that my uncle, for the second time in a row, the second time this week, the second time that the two of us alone would be breaking bread together, offered to forgo Korean food in favor of what I wanted to eat.  I suggested Filipino.

The bad news was that he ended up taking me to Mesa Grill, where I’d dined last week, to less-than-spectacular results.  However, when I learned of the destination, I couldn’t call an audible, because he’d invited a friend of his, who was already waiting at the restaurant.

Prayer alla Prada – only in the Philippines.

Turns out that Mesa Grill is a popular destination for Koreans expats introducing Filipino cuisine to visitors from Korea.  Makes perfect sense, given the food’s dumbed-down “Filipino Moderne” treatment.

I will not be taking my guests from Korea to Mesa Grill.



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