5.056 Dubu Jjigae

Cycle 5 – Item 56

2 (Sun) March 2014

Dubu Jjigae


at Dongwon Garden

-Bel-Air, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with Dad, Uncle CS

My father’s in town.  Here to golf and carouse.  Arrived Friday night, leaving Monday morning.

Today, we spent the afternoon playing 9 holes at the Southwoods Golf & Country Club.  I can’t recall the last time that I’ve swung a golf club, maybe 20 years ago.  Generally, I don’t like golf, mostly because I hate the sun.  However, living as I do these days in a concrete jungle, I was relieved to tread grass for a couple hours.

Dong Won Garden is a Korean restaurant.  Little-bit-of-everything menu.  Includes a shop that sells frozen meats at market prices.  Open 24 hours.

When we got back to Manila, we had an early dinner at Dong Won Garden.  Despite my best efforts to steer the party towards a different venue, my father was insistent on Korean.  It’s not so much about the food as it is the makgeolli, one of his favorite boozes, especially after playing golf.  

The food was okay.  For starters, the banchan were all well-prepared and widely varied, perhaps the best that I’ve experienced in Manila thus far, and quickly replenished upon request.  The broth of the dubu jjigae, made with a strong doenjang, was a bit stinky for my preference, but the chunks of beef were tender and surprisingly tasty.  If I absolutely had to, I wouldn’t mind going back for another shot.



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