5.085 Spicy Chicken & Mushrooms with Steamed Rice

Cycle 5 – Item 85

 31 (Mon) March 2014

Spicy Chicken & Mushrooms with Steamed Rice


by Philippine Airlines – Flight PR 469

-Incheon en route to Manila-


3rd Home Visit (Day 3)

For the ostensible purpose of securing some documents from the local government office, open only during the week, I was happily forced to extend my stay in Seoul this time through Monday evening.

Arriving early and running 3 laps around the yard, a student shall receive a small sticker; the stickers aren’t redeemable for anything beyond bragging rights, but the kids seem to find the incentive irresistible per se; just goes to show that health promotion can be so simple and cost-effective.

Since DJ started the first grade at the beginning of the month, this was my first opportunity to see him off to school.

A typical public elementary school classroom.

On the flight back, the food was pretty bad.  The dish was chicken and oyster mushrooms in a gochujang-based sauce that was probably intended to taste Korean but just tasted kinda weird, as if someone who’d never actually tried the stuff tried to cook with it.  Oddly, the “side” dish was penne and zucchini in tomato sauce, a totally random pairing that made me strongly suspect that they were dumping leftovers from a different service.  Plus stale bread, no butter.  Whatever.

With the seats on either side of me also empty, it was better than business class.

The flight was about a third full.  Some passengers, with an empty row in front of them, reached over the seat and pressed the recline button on the side of the armrest, then pushed to make the seat recline forward.  In 38 years of air travel, I had never considered this to be a possibility.

The blonde hair belongs to Allison Harvard, runner-up on cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model; upon arrival, standing next to her in line at immigration, I turned and asked, “Top Model?,” to which she silently nodded acknowledgment, and then we parted ways, and I could sense that she was impressed by my discreetness.

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