5.086 Galette Bretonne

Cycle 5 – Item 86

1 (Tue) April 2014

Galette Bretonne


at Café Breton

(Robinsons Place)

-Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with MK et al.

Try Every Restaurant in Robinsons Place (38) (see also TERRP)

Café Breton is a French coffee shop and bistro chain.  Currently 10 locations around Metro Manila, mostly in shopping malls.  Specializes in both galletes and crêpes, either of which can be customized from an extensive menu of ingredients.

In the Philippines, menus are often very extensive; but upon ordering, a common response is, “Sorry, sir, not available.”

Galette Bretonne is a French dish.  It’s a pancake made of buckwheat flour, whipped into batter, cooked in a thin layer on a buttered pan, then topped/filled with various savory ingredients, such as cheese, ham, etc., much like an omelette.  To be distinguished from the more famous crêpe, which consists of wheat flour and usually involves sweet toppings/fillings.

The Galette Bretonne at Café Breton was respectable enough.  Here, the term refers to the house signature dish,  rather than to the pancake in general.  For starters, the texture of the galette was quite nice, cooked to a perfect gold brown, dry and crispy on the outside, yet soft and slightly chewy on the inside.  The combination of “spinach, shrimps sauteed with crab meat and onions, fresh cream, gruyere” worked reasonably well, though not enough shrimp and too much cream, making the whole thing somewhat mushy without substance, and the uncut spinach was difficult to handle.



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