5.088 Chilli Crab

Cycle 5 – Item 88

3 (Thu) April 2014

Chilli Crab


at Tao Yuan

-Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with MK, MK, TL, YL, SS

Terry’s Tenants in Tower 1 (TTiT1), Breaking Bread 2 (BB2) (see previously 5.073 Cream Dory Meunière)

Kinda hard to miss.

Tao Yuan is a Singaporean restaurant.  Specializes in seafood dishes.

Point-of-sale marketing, but in a good way.
Mud crabs.

Adoring Singaporean cuisine as a I do, and wanting to tap TL’s native expertise while I could, I was happy when everyone agreed upon Tao Yuan as the venue for BB2.  Alas, TL arrived late, leaving us on our own to order; and when she did arrive, she just got herself an individual bowl of laksa, so she proved completely useless this time, as far as the food guidance was concerned.

The food wasn’t that great.  In TL’s absence, each of us had selected something from the menu, mostly playing it safe with known Singaporean classics, but the results were rather disappointing across the board.  The chilli crab, MK’s choice, was as mediocre as the one I’d tried in Singapore, confirming that the dish in general just isn’t my kind of thing; the crab itself was okay.  Anyway, whatever.

(See also TEITY))



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