5.089 Calamares al Ajillo

Cycle 5 – Item 89

4 (Fri) April 2014

Calamares al Ajillo


at Harbor View Restaurant

-Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with MK, YL, and various Korean staff

MK is a volunteer in my unit.  Her primary responsibility has been to help organize the Consultation on Overweight, Obesity, Diabetes, and Law, which will be upon us next week.  Having been with me since March, she’ll be here for exactly one more week, scheduled to fly back to Australia on Friday evening, immediately following the close of the consultation.

As per protocol, whenever one of our own joins/leaves us, the Korean staff gathered for a party.  Overall, it was a very mellow evening.  After dinner, the group moved on to another venue for more drinks, but I went home, feeling a bit melancholy, in no mood to socialize.

Thanks for all your help, MK!  Your moral and intellectual support has kept me going, especially during this past week as we’ve finalized our preparations.  You’ll be missed.  I wish you the best.  Be well.



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