5.109 Mushroom + Mugwort Jeon

Cycle 5 – Item 109

24 (Thu) April 2014

Mushroom + Mugwort Jeon


at the In-Laws’ home

-Apgujeong, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Home Visit 4: Break + Housekeeping (Day 9)

Concluding my initial 3-month contract with WHO, now extended 5.5 months, I’m back in Korea to take a break (contract break and personal break) and attend to various housekeeping matters – mostly for the (personal) break.


As per preflight SOP – I’m off to Taiwan tomorrow – I had mul naeng myeon for lunch.  With W, this second experience at Kang Seo Myeonok, which is located near her office, confirmed my prior impression that the MNM here is just too sweet, not a true Pyongyang-style.


The girls are all over him – seriously.
The highlight of the trip was picking up IZ from preschool every day, the same place that DJ had attended years before, so the routine was enjoyable for the playtime that I got with the younger one and also brought back memories of the older one when he was a toddler.
Like his old man, IZ knows that the backpack is a chick magnet.


Another regret is that my last meal in town consisted of MIL’s cooking.  She means well, always does, thinking that I’d miss Korean food while in Manila.  By the time that I got home with the kids, she had a spread already prepared on the table, so I couldn’t refuse.  I get more than enough Korean food in Manila.  To this day, MIL doesn’t believe when I claim not to like Korean food all that much; she thinks that I’m being absurd, as if I’d claimed not to like air all that much.

So, my last day in town was a complete wash in terms of food.

Tomorrow, on the way back to Manila, I’ll be dropping by for a food weekend in Taipei, a solo refresher before I start work on Monday.  On the eve of departure, though, I’m wishing deep down that I could stay in Korea to the very last possible minute, spend every last second with the family.




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