5.124 Tribeca Mushroom Pizza

Cycle 5 – Item 124

9 (Fri) May 2014

Tribeca Mushroom Pizza


from Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

(Robinsons Place)

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-


Try Every Restaurant in Robinsons Place (47) (see also TERRP)

I’d been looking forward to trying Yellow Cab again to test the theory on electrolyte imbalance impacting the perception of saltiness (see generally 5.093 Anchovy Lovers Pizza).

Ironically, after buying the pizza to go and taking it to the door of my apartment, I realized that I’d left my keys at work, so I went down and left the pizza at the reception desk and powerwalked to work and got my keys and came back and retrieved the pizza and took it back upstairs and opened the door with the keys and went inside and put the pizza on the table, at which point I was drenched in sweat and totally dehydrated.

Fortunately, I’d recently purchased a bottle of LIGHTWATER, “electrolyte enhanced water.”  Doesn’t taste like anything, no added flavors.  I chugged the entire bottle and waited for another half an hour to give my system time to absorb the electrolytes.

The pizza was pretty good.  From the very first bite, the mushroom flavor was explosive.  Suspiciously too intense, as if mushroom powder had been added, very likely the case, because I could detect distinct traces of mushroom in the sauce.  Or, less cynically, the types of mushrooms could explain it, a tribeca of button, oyster, and shiitake, which is quite strong.  In any case, the cheese and bread were both fine, as much as I’d expect from a decent American-style pizzeria.  And not at all salty this time.



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