5.152 Tangy Fried Chicken


6 (Fri) June 2014

Tangy Fried Chicken


at Pier Uno

-Anilao, Mabini, Batangas, Philippines-

with CL

Pier Uno is a dive resort.  Located about 100 km south of Manila, in the province Batangas, municipality Mabini, barangay (neighborhood/district) Anilao.  A popular destination for divers in the Philippines, Anilao follows the southern coastline for several kilometers and features dozens of small resorts.  Pier Uno is one of the oldest, offering room & board, dive lessons/trips, and other water sports.

Colleagues from WHO are congregating in Anilao over the weekend.  Not sure if I’ll get a chance to dive myself, but I wanted to get out of the city in any case.  While the main group will be staying at a different resort, last-minute joiners were forced to take accommodations at Pier Uno, a few kilometers down the coast.  CL and I got in today.

As per standard operating procedure at these resorts, the package includes room and full board.  We opted each for a premium loft room at 5,000 pesos per night (about USD 120) – not cheap, considering my monthly rent is 32,500 pesos.

Soup (2.0)
Deep-Fried Fish Fillets (2.5)
Pork Tocino (3.0)

The food was quite good overall.  Although we’d arrived after 2100, the kitchen was kind enough to serve us dinner, a few dishes prepared specially for the two of us, rather than the standard buffet spread, which is what we would’ve had upon an earlier arrival.  Everything went well with the booze.

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