5.169 Kaeng Phed Ped Yang


23 (Mon) June 2014

Kaeng Phet Ped Yang


at Mango Tree

(Suvarnabhumi Airport – Concourse B)

-Bang Phli, Samut Prakan, Thailand-



Over the course of 16 days, through a combination of personal and professional travels, I will be in 12 localities across 7 countries, eating and documenting at least 1 meal in each of them.

Today is Day 3 / Locality 3 / Country 2.

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First, a little mid-afternoon snack on the Thai Airways flight from Manila to Bangkok (TG 625).

Beef (2.0)


Mission to Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Day 1 of 4)

In transit, on my way to Laos via Thailand.  Tuesday to Thursday, I’ll be in Vientiane with government officials to facilitate a workshop on policy coherence for nutrition.

Mango Tree is a Thai restaurant chain.  Founded over 20 years ago in Bangkok.  Currently 7 locations in Thailand, including 2 in the airport, as well as branches in the UK, Japan, Malaysia, Dubai, Macao.  Upscale in both decor, presentation, and price.  While offering some fancy dishes, the food itself is primarily mainstream.

The food was rather disappointing.  While the red curry (kaeng phed) itself was okay, the duck (ped yang) was a bit off, probably frozen too long.  Anyway.


Another snack on the Thai Airways flight from Bangkok to Vientiane (TG 574).

Yum Woon Sen (2.0)

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