5.171 Lamb Ribs in Cream Sauce


25 (Wed) June 2014

Lamb Ribs in Cream Sauce


at La Cave des Chateaux

-Vientiane, Lao People’s Democratic Republic-

with secretariat


Over the course of 16 days, through a combination of personal and professional travels, I will be in 12 localities across 7 countries, eating and documenting at least 1 meal in each of them.

Today is Day 5 / Locality 4 / Country 3.

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Our accommodations for the duration: AV Hotel.

Mission to Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Day 3 of 4)

In Vientiane.  Tuesday to Thursday, I’m here with a WHO team to facilitate a government workshop on policy coherence for nutrition.

The main dining hall was perfectly dim and air-conditioned; however, as I mentioned yesterday, white folk just love to sit outdoors under the sun, so they insisted on dragging a table out onto the 2nd-floor balcony – “Oh, come now, you’ve enjoyed air-conditioning all day long; get some fresh air!”  I left dinner early to go back to my hotel room and enjoy some more air-conditioning.

La Cave des Chateaux is a French restaurant.  One of many French restaurants scattered about Vientiane, a cultural legacy from over a half-century of colonial rule under French Indochine.  The restaurant occupies a former colonial-era manor, architecture being another cultural legacy.  The menu was part classical (e.g., meats and sauces), part bistro (e.g., pastas and pizzas).

The food was okay.  Initially, the server got my order wrong and brought me lamb in some kind of jam sauce; the only thing that I hate more than fruit in my food is jam.  The second time with the cream sauce, the redo consisted of the same pieces of meat, the jam cleaned off – I didn’t mind, why waste the meat??  I would’ve enjoyed it more with air-conditioning

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