5.324 Singaporean Spareribs

Cycle 5 – Item 324

25 (Tue) November 2014

Singaporean Spareribs


at Tao Yuan

-Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with EK, RK

Try Every Item at Tao Yuan (26) (see also TEITY)

Eating my way through the restaurant’s entire menu, currently at 222 items.

Tasted 8 new items tonight, bringing the total to 149 items tasted thus far, 73 items remaining, averaging 5.7 items per visit, on pace to finish at TEITY 39.

Roasted Crispy Pork Belly (3.5): essentially lechon kawali, amazing contrasting textures, crispy on the outside, ridiculously tender inside, delicate pork flavor.
Asado Steamed Bun (2.0)
Taro Puff (1.5): minced pork, encased in taro, but too mushy.
Unicorn Style Chicken with Ham & Black Mushroom (1.5): essentially Hainanese chicken, ham was way too salty, mushrooms okay.
Smoked Beancurd Sheet Roulades with Shredded Vegetables (0.5): inedibly salty and greasy, the first dish that I’ve had to send back; to the management’s credit, they admitted that it hadn’t been properly executed and canceled the order from the final bill.
Pan-Fried Beef with Flat Rice Noodle (3.0): solid, but otherwise unremarkable.
Egg Tart (2.0): the classic Hong Kong snack, slightly sweet, could work as a mini-dessert, right before a final plate of fruit.

The highlight of the meal were the Singaporean Spareribs.  Chopped into bite-sized pieces, some with bone, some without.  Breaded, deep-fried -nicely crisp.  Coated in a sweet sesame-soy glaze, tasting somewhere between Korean galbi and Kyochon chicken.



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