6.004 Quattro Staggioni Pizza Circolare


9 (Fri) January 2015

Quattro Staggioni Pizza Circolare


from Italianni’s [takeout]

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-


Based on a recent dramatically disappointing experience with a dish that I’d previously enjoyed very much (see generally 5.352 Grilled Pepper Fish Fillet with Spaghetti), I had concerns that the restaurant had broken bad, like Cyma (see generally 5.254 Lamb Keftedes).

The pizza would seem to allay those worries somewhat.  “Quattro” = (1) pepperoni + (2) gorgonzola + (3) shrimp & olive + (4) mushroom & artichoke.  Topped with rucola, could’ve used more–everything can always use more rucola.  The crust was the best part: moist, but not at all oily, chewy, well-seasoned.  In fact, although I often discard the end pieces, I cut them off with a knife and ate them first, leaving the middle of the pie for lunch tomorrow.  Good stuff.

For now, Italianni’s remains safe.

Della Cucina Frutti di Mare (2.5)–while the seafood itself wasn’t so great, the white wine sauce made an excellent dip for the pizza crusts.

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