6.024 Taste Test : Sexy Chix


29 (Thu) January 2015

Taste Test : Sexy Chix



in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-


Oddly, the “guiltless” one has more calories.

Yes, absolutely, I bought them because of the name.

Alas, the tease didn’t put out.

IMG_9990 2
Guiltless Broth (1.0)–didn’t taste like much, which was a good thing compared to the others, but the meat was unpleasantly hard and crumbly.
Adobo (0.5)–salty, tasted nothing like actual adobo.
Arrabiata (0.5)–sour; Hainanese Style (0.5)–never tried cat food, but I imagine that this is what it tastes like.

5 thoughts on “6.024 Taste Test : Sexy Chix

  1. “Pure Foods”–what an interesting name of the producer for this gross-looking foods. never liked canned meats; the name “sexy chix” is enticing enough to buy some..haha


      1. SPAM!!! i totally forget about it. i liked SPAM when i was young. been trying to cut out processed foods from my diet for several years; i can’t remember when the last time was i got around to it.

        i wasn’t clear on canned meats, though; i meant canned tuna/chicken/beef, etc, you know, something with chunks of lean meat.


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