6.027 Pan-Grilled Mushroom Ssam


1 (Sun) February 2015

Pan-Grilled Mushroom Ssam


by me

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-


IMG_0020 2

Thinking of how to use up leftover sandwich toppings from yesterday (see 6.026 Cajun Turkey Sandwich on Sourdough), I was inspired by ssam, the Korean practice of wrapping and eating grilled meats in lettuce (see generally 3.273 Ssam Bap Jeongsik), hoping to create a veg-version that could be quickly prepared and served as a light appetizer or snack under any context.

IMG_0026 2
Tried two types: shiitake (darker) and portobello (brownish); shiitakes much chewier/meatier in texture and absorbed the soy flash marinade, portobellos crumbly.

It turned out okay.  While the mushrooms provided substance, nice charred flavor from the grill marks, well-paired with the ssamjang, they were too lean for and overwhelmed by the pickled radish slices, which are better for balancing out fatty meats.  Not a bad concept though.

Next time without the radish, plus grilled onion and/or grilled shrimp.

2 thoughts on “6.027 Pan-Grilled Mushroom Ssam

  1. this looks good but i don’t see how washing various types of greens and grilling anything on a grill pan can be “quickly prepared” for a snack. cleaning the grill pan after is a pain in itself for me.

  2. i guess i meant that i could do it without the full on spread that typically goes with meat.

    washing a few leaves of romaine lettuce seems about the simplest/fastest thing to do. if that’s too much, well, then, sorry.

    cleaning the grill pan literally takes seconds. once it cools down a bit, i just run it under water and lightly scrub with a sponge, no soap.

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