6.028 Jumbo Hotategai Teppan Set


2 (Mon) February 2015

Jumbo Hotategai Teppan Set


at Asunaro (The Pan-Pacific Manila)

-Malate, Manila-

with TL

Horenso Ohitashi (2.5)–parboiled spinach in soy sauce with katsuobushi; respectable.
IMG_0038 2
Tamago Tofu (3.0)–silky and eggy, my kinda dish.

In terms of composition–everything light and subtle and delicate, well-paired and well-balanced–I’d ordered an ideal meal.

Not a big fan of whole scallops (hotategai), however.

Worth 780 pesos?  Maybe.

My 4th visit to this restaurant (see previously 5.353 Lapu-Lapu Chazuke).

As before, the food wasn’t great but very respectable.

IMG_0044 2
Dragon Roll (2.0)–no avocado; wondering if the mayo scribbles mean anything.

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