6.033 Bibimbab Bar

Cycle 6 – Item 33

7 (Sat) January 2015

Bibimbab Bar


by me

at MK/CS’s apartment

-Ermita, Manila-

with MK + CS, TL, JL

Our first ever Movie Nite, which we hope to organize on a regular basis – this time featuring Whiplash and St Vincent – with the same core group of colleagues in the division.

We don’t work for WIPO.
Remember this (see 4.326 The Glenlivet Guardians’ Chapter…)?

For the occasion, I prepared a self-service bibimbap bar.  The inspiration was a set-up that I had encountered at Incheon International Airport several months back (see generally 5.231 Bibimbab).  The flavors turned out okay, as bibimbap usually does so long as nothing goes disastrously wrong.  However, every component was kinda soft and mushy, even the egg*, lacking a contrasting crunch/crisp that would’ve provided a bright lift to the texture.  In any case, the arrangement worked like a charm in terms of service, where everyone could eat as much or as little as they wanted, at their own pace, a single bowl in lap and spoon in hand, on the sofa as they watched the movie, easy clean-up.

IMG_0088 2
Components comprised traditional and local ingredients [clockwise from bottom left]: zucchini, sprout tips, shiitake mushrooms, kangkong, pea leaves.

Rather then fry the eggs, MK suggested poaching, so I compromised by soft-boiling them with my sure-fire formula (see 2.365 Perfectly Boiled Eggs), adjusted to 6 minutes given the smaller size; the method was certainly easier in preparing a large number of eggs at once, no oil to clean up; and better suited to the self-service set-up, as fried eggs don’t sit very well; the only drawback was that I missed the crispness of fried egg whites.




6 thoughts on “6.033 Bibimbab Bar

  1. What did you think of those movies? (I really enjoyed both.) Whiplash reminded me of one of my piano teachers haha

  2. for a “movie nite” presentation, we all found Whiplash to be a bit too intense, dark. we all were thinking that it would be more fun, kinda like Drumline (now that one is recommended!).

    St Vincent wasn’t the greatest, but it was light, more suited for move nite vibe.

    next time will be at my place, when i’m thinking about going with a couple 80s classics, like Midnight Run, Stand By Me.

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