6.052 Omurice

Cycle 6 – Item 52

26 (Thu) Feb 2015



at Minami Café

(The Pan-Pacific Manila)

-Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-


Try Every Restaurant in New World, Pan-Pacific, Diamond Hotels (7 of 10) (see also TERNWPPD)

Eating my way through the restaurants in the 5-star hotels within walking distance of my apartment in Manila: New World (3), Pan-Pacific (5), Diamond (2).  In contrast to the crappy food in the neighborhood, hotels ought to do better, at least in terms of quality.

Situated in the corner of Pan-Pacific’s Adriatico Square food court…

Minami Café is a Japanese-ish restaurant.  Primary focus on yoshoku, as suggested by the items in the display case, but also offers mainstream Filipino and European dishes.

…the establishment seems more like an afterthought, a place to take up empty space.

Yoshoku is a category of Japanese cuisine.  Comprises western-style dishes developed during the Meiji Restoration, from the late 19th to the early 20th century, when Japan was quick to adapt/adopt European culture.  The classics include tonkatsu, curry rice, hayashi rice, korokke, omurice, and hambagu.  Though initially intended to replicate their progenitors, yoshuku dishes have since been recognized as distinct derivations, unique to the Japanese culinary tradition.

The only such case that I’ve seen in the Philippines.

Omurice is a Japanese rice dish.  Consists of steamed medium-grain rice, sautéed with minced onion and other vegetables, often chicken or beef, seasoned with ketchup or hayashi sauce, rolled into an egg omelette, served with ketchup – the term is a portmanteau of “omu(omelette) + rice.”  One of the classic yoshoku dishes.


The omurice had potential, but fell short.  While taste and texture were fine, it lacked content, nothing beyond rice and a few random bits of what appeared to be chicken.  Which would be fine if the dish were accompanying something else, like a small piece of tonkatsu on the side, but omurice ideally should be a standalone meal.   Technique was also weak, as the egg should be folded in and under to form a seamless loaf.  Oh well.



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