6.054 Paella Marinera


28 (Sat) February 2015

Paella Marinera


at Casa Armas

-Malate, Manila-

with various colleagues

DR, BB, and SM are technical officers at the Organization.

They live in the same apartment building (the building that J/KR lived in before moving to KHM).  They’re now the only staff from the office who live there.

A couple weeks ago, DR sends out an email to BB and SM, along with FL and me, suggesting that we have a dinner to celebrate her birthday, coming up at the end of the month.  BB agrees, noting that her own birthday is also at the end of the month.  SM agrees, noting that her own birthday is also at the end of the month–specifically, February 26.  BB replies that hers is February 26, too.  DR replies that hers is February 26, too.  A bit later, after everyone is done freaking out about such an unusual convergence, I suddenly remember and reply that my wife’s birthday is February 26, too.  How cool is that?

Another Irish whiskey, sort of as a tribute to DR (see also 5.300 Croquetas de Jamon y Huevas), even though she doesn’t drink it; by the 4th visit, I’ve managed to get the manager to waive the corkage fee.

I’d suggested Casa Armas as the venue, back when I was still considering a go at eating my way through the menu (see most recently 6.054 Lentejas con Chorizo).

Although I’ve since given up that notion, the restaurant remains a good place for casual festive gatherings.

Callos (3.25)–my favorite dish of the evening, the one that took me by surprise, was the ox tripe with chick peas in spicy tomato sauce; the dish was ordered by CT, a new colleague from Panama, who summers in Spain; he was the one who ordered the chicharon yesterday (see 6.053 Chicharones); I seem to be eating, and enjoying, a lot of organs these days (see for example 6.017 Not So Awful After All).

The seafood paella wasn’t so great.  As evidenced by the faded colors, everything was overcooked and mushy.  And despite an abundance of ingredients, the flavors were nevertheless quite flat.  Described as “good for (4),” 11 of us finished only about 3/4 of it.  One of the more disappointing dishes of the spread, but I feature it here just for the dynamic visual (even if it does look a bit like I’d desaturated the image).

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  1. goose bumps, what a coincidence! pity the paella wasn’t great; it looks okay for me.

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