6.055 TEITY 35 : The Penultimate


1 (Fri) March 2015

The Penultimate


from Tao Yuan [takeout]

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-


TEITY (Try Every Item at Tao Yuan*).  Attempting to eat my way through the restaurant, all 222 items (excluding shark’s fin and desserts).  From what I’ve seen so far, it would seem to be one of the best in the neighborhood, solid on all counts: taste, quality, variety, service, vibe, proximity, maybe price.  Once I’ve tried everything, I’ll know exactly what to get, depending on the circumstances, whether it’s for a quick bite on my own, a casual night out with friends/colleagues/family, or a formal occasion hosting bosses/VIPs.  That kind of certainty, in the unpredictable culinary landscape of Manila, will be invaluable.

*The domain has recently expired, but I leave the link in case it comes back up.

10 new items tonight, total 211 down, 11 remaining, 35 visits so far, averaging 6.03 items per visit (as of tonight), on pace to finish at TEITY 38–I can see the end.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 10.18.44 AM
Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.13.22 AM
BLUE: highly recommended / GREEN: respectable / YELLOW: mediocre / ORANGE: better avoided / RED: never again / GREY: off-limits (ethical concerns)

The masochistically gluttonous “Try Every” series: (i) TERRP (…Restaurant in Robinsons Place) (see completed 5.247 TERRP 85 KFC : Original Recipe Fried Chicken…);  (ii) TEITY (..Item at Tao Yuan) (see most recently 6.031 Fried Fish Skin); (iii) TERNWPPD (…Restaurant in New World, Pan-Pacific, Diamond) (see most recently 6.052 Omurice); (iv) TERSK (…Restaurant in St Kilda) (see completed 5.339 Roasted Squid); (v) TEKREM (…Korean Restaurant in Ermita/Malate) (see most recently 6.050 Battle Jjamjja); (vi) TEIBR (…Item at Bistro Remedios) (see most recently 6.053 Chicharones).

I finally brought over my Snow Peak IGT (Iron Grill Table), which I probably won’t use so much for camping here…
…maybe to entertain friends at home on occasion.

Hotpot, again via takeout (see previously 5.322 Shabuki), this time alone.

Try as I might, I can’t seem to finish off the ick (see for example 6.009 Awful).  Tonight, I’d intended to get through all the weird items once and for all, taking the burden upon myself, within the privacy of home, where I could suffer at my own pace, but I discovered after unwrapping everything that I had neglected to order the pork liver or they had forgotten to include it (the receipt wasn’t itemized).  Either way, despite the valiant effort, I’m still an organ short.

1/2 Chicken with Wine Soup in Pot (3.0)–crisp and clear, delicate fragrance from the herbs and wine; maybe the best of the stocks so far (one remaining); hopefully, it is available without the chicken.
Special Tao Yuan Sate Sauce (3.5)–not the peanut-flavored dipping sauce that is sometimes served with satay skewers, but a spicy chili sauce with hints of five-spice + Wansoy (1.5)–never seen a restaurant that charges for cilantro/coriander.
A year’s supply of condiments.
Pork Tito (0.0)–part of the stomach; couldn’t take it.
Beef Goto (0.0)–part of the stomach; couldn’t take it.
Sea Cucumber (0.5)–crumbly and mushy in texture, fishy in flavor, yuck (see also 5.305 Braised Fish Maw with Sea Cucumber), definitely a different kind than the ones in Korea or the States (see for example 3.075 Sautéed Sea Cucumber).
Pork Neck (1.0)
Imported Fat Beef (1.0)–I was grateful for anything ordinary, even if it was brown around the edges.
Crab Sticks (1.0)–the locals love this stuff.
Dotted Lapu Lapu (1.0)–unpleasantly fishy, even though it had come straight out of the tank; expected this to be the evening’s highlight, having paid a whopping 2,700 pesos for it, what a let down, and waste of money.

Despite the food, I enjoyed the meal nonetheless.  Hotpot would seem to be more of a communal thing (see for example 6.031 Fried Fish Skin), but I found that doing it on my own was quite nice, especially while watching a movie and having a drink, as I could eat whatever whenever without worrying about others, like do-it-yourself on-the-spot anju.

In preparation of Movie Nite 2 (see previously 6.033 Bimimbap Bar), I’m developing a home theater…
…including a portable Samsung projector that I’d purchased long ago to use on camping trips.
Worked like a charm (the pilot movie was A Walk Among the Tombstones).



10 (Fri) April 2015

Finished (see generally 6.095 Done).

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  1. the camping version of TEITY…an interesting and unique installment, indeed; i recognized your frantic effort to finish TEITY. 2,700 phps for dotted lapu lapu=a waste of money.

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