6.084 Yuk-Kal


30 (Mon) March 2015



by me

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-



Not really an established dish per se, but a combination of a classic soup–YUK gaejang (see also 6.040 Yukgaejang – Galbi Tang)–plus a classic noodle–KAL guksu (see also 3.356 Kalguksu).   I’ve only tasted/seen/heard of such a thing at one restaurant (name escapes me), a landmark hole-in-the-wall joint in Seoul, where it was the only item on the menu, customers lined up to get in, brunch on a Sunday.  Such an obvious concept, however, that it could be quite common, just not institutionalized.

5 thoughts on “6.084 Yuk-Kal

  1. There’s a new place in Ktown that has two items on their menu – galbi tang and yook gae jang. Both dishes are served with a bowl of rice and a small bowl of cooked kalgooksu noodles. My favorite part of that meal is eating the yookgaejang with noodles. Yum.

    1. proves my point! a new yukgejang place just opened up here. haven’t seen the menu, but now i’m wondering if they’ll have noodles.

    1. the only restaurants that i can remember by name from k-town are Hodori and BCD Sundubu (do you know that in seoul there’s LA-BCD Sundubu, which sounds kinda ridiculous). i can barely recall anything about restaurants that I used to go, like that BBQ joint where we got trashed and decided to take a roadtrip to vegas.

      1. there was also a jeonbok juk place, a koreanized sushi place (on 3rd and Olympic maybe?), a big koreanized chinese place (만리장성??), naeng myeon bar in …. Kaju (?) Supermarket, that pub in the hotel (Prince?) where we used to eat chicken, another pub (Inter…crew?) in that korean food court-like plaza, a big BBQ restaurant (Chosun? Galbi?). man, only 10 years ago, but already i’ve forgotten. maybe i didn’t go that often? before the blog, i have very little recall of what i used to eat. in fact, was i even into food back then?

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