6.040 Yukgaejang – Galbi Tang


14 (Sat) Feb 2015

Yukgaejang – Galbi Tang


at Samwon Garden

-Sinsa, Seoul-

with the family, Mom

The Prodigal Son Returns to Shepherd His Sons, Day 1.

In town for a few days, first of two trips within the coming week, reasons to be revealed as the week unfolds.


 While Samwon Garden ranks among my all-time favorite restaurants, probably the place that I’ve visited the most in Seoul, possibly in the world, I tend to eat the same things every time (see for example 5.360 Mul Naeng Myeon; 5.048 Deungsim Bulgogi; 4.214 Taste Test : Korean vs America galbi; 4.083 Galbi Tang).

In the spirit of the Try Every series (see for example 6.035 Ulkeun Chicken Gizzaed), I should attempt to sample everything that the establishment has to offer, which shouldn’t be too difficult, as the menu only features 17 items (see generally 4.053 Mul Naeng Myeon), 6 of which have already been tried.  Please note that this is not a formal commitment.

The couple pieces of gopchang (intestine) were unusual and unwelcome, but fortunately rather flavorless, like everything in this dish.

The yukgaejanggalbi tang was okay.  Based on their basic galbi tang broth, along with a few pieces of rib, plus yukgaejang veg components, such as enoki and fern brake, and of course chili powder for the color and heat. Disappointingly, the soup fell short on either end, lacking the kick of yukgaejang and the subtlety of galbi tang.  Whatever.

Maybe I should just stick to the classics.

2 thoughts on “6.040 Yukgaejang – Galbi Tang

  1. Samwon Gardens are awesome in Seoul. I remember blistering hot summers with my family and going there for mul naengmyun bowls. Mmmmmm.

    Sorry to hear that your yukgaejang wasn’t good. The intestines (gopchang) is really random (I think)… I know I would push it aside.

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