6.093 Dubu Kimchi with Hotdogs & Zucchini


8 (Wed) April 2015

Dubu Kimchi with Hotdogs & Zucchini


by me

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-


Overall, the dubu kimchi didn’t turn out so great.  Having seared the hotdogs and zucchini separately, hoping to add a touch of char flavor and textural contrast, the components ended up–to paraphrase what EK had said about the Braised Stuffed Whole Dried Scallops at Tao Yuan (see generally 5.318 Pan-Fried Egg White…)–playing by themselves.  I guess some Korean dishes don’t need overthinking.  But not so bad for a last-minute improvised clean-out-the-fridge one-pan one-plate one-utensil meal.

The “stem” refers to the core at the base of the cabbage; this will only be available in poggi kimchi, which consists of whole cabbage halves/quarters held together at the bottom by the stem.

On a positive note, the kimchi stems worked very well.  Tough and inedible as is, typically trimmed and thrown away. I keep them for the occasional kimchi jjigae, where the boil breaks down the fibrous tissue to the point of masticability.  Minced and sautéed, the bits provided a nice chew to an inherently mushy dish.  This should also work in kimchi fried rice.

Along with the stuffing (see for example 4.180 Kimchi Stuffing Jeon), I have developed every-last-piece-of-the-buffalo uses for a head of kimchi–don’t waste it!

9 thoughts on “6.093 Dubu Kimchi with Hotdogs & Zucchini

  1. funny, you brought “the Braised Stuffed Whole Dried Scallops” to mind; i guess i’d know what this dish tasted like-ha!

    the clean-out-the-fridge meal might suggest your upcoming DT?!

  2. no, the clean-out at the time was just to use up ingredients.

    but, i am actually on DT to Fiji as I write this comment.

    I should be able to buy the Fiji Pure products as you’ve requested.

    I’ll be flying back to Korea on Friday then staying on thru Sunday afternoon. We can meet maybe for coffee on Saturday afternoon? Please email me on my work address to discuss further…

  3. great! i just attended a brown-bag seminar on epidemiological issues in smoking-related lawsuit and was thinking about you. will email you.

  4. well, it’s called “Public health seminars” coinciding with lunch time; in the seminar, lunchboxes are provided such as Outback lunchbox, Bon lunchbox, or just gimbap, etc. so it’s sort of brown bag seminars.

  5. in my experience, koreans don’t really like lunchtime activities, especially not “working lunches,” as they prefer to relax and concentrate on eating, which is a good thing.

    that would be interesting if an equivalent term to “brown bag” were developed–probably will soon, given the Korean tendency to quickly coin and adopt neologisms. like “도시락 세미나.”

  6. 도시락 세미나 would work!; sounds a bit lame, though, like brown bag seminars.

    i agree that we have an affinity for relaxing and concentrating on eating. but in this case, most of attendee are students along with few professors; topics and speakers are generally quite nice. i think free lunch attracts people.

  7. well, as you well know, “brown bag” derives from an american context, where lunches are/were traditionally packed in brown paper bags, typically a sandwich + fruit + chips + milk.

    come to think of it, in korea, they should be called “black bag seminars” or “비닐봉지 세미나.”

  8. no no…if you call it “비닐봉지 세미나”, it w0uld lose its cuteness (but nice try). interesting how different it sounds between “black bag seminars” and “비닐봉지 세미나”–ha!

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