6.169 A Square Meal, Sorta


23 (Tue) June 2015

A Square Meal, Sorta


at Sbarro (Robinsons Place)

-Ermita, Manila-


5 pesos = about 11 cents — now that’s cause for celebration!

As far as I can recall, this may have been the first time that I’ve ever sat down in a Sbarro restaurant (see generally 5.183 Mushroom / Sausage Pizza) and had something other than pizza (see most recently 6.061 Gambas).

The roast chicken was quite good (3.0).  Juicy.  Tasty.  Will definitely get this again.

Caesar salad, not so much (1.25).

Mushroom pizza, never as good by the slice (2.25).

Apparently feeling well-appreciated, every table in the joint could be seen taking advantage of the generous offer — the occasion gave rise to the observation that Filipinos eat pizza with knife and fork.

2 thoughts on “6.169 A Square Meal, Sorta

  1. Sbarro actually looks a lot more successful over in Asia. Here…it’s not so much known for being shitty as it’s just not known. Fallen into obscurity, it’s that sad brand that no one really cares enough to even hate anymore.

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