6.061 Gambas


7 (Sat) March 2015



by me

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-

with TL

While I used to characterize certain European-style dishes as Italian by default (e.g., shrimp = “scampi“), I now seem to think of them as Spanish (e.g., shrimp = “gambas“), even pasta dishes (see for example 6.038 Spaghetti with Bacalao…).


Movie Nite 2, featuring The Theory of Everything.  Impromptu event.  Just TL and me.  Sbarro’s takeout pizza (see most recently 5.183 Mushroom / Sausage Pizza).  Couldn’t resist making some gambas on the side.

2 thoughts on “6.061 Gambas

  1. nice knife work! i’ve been meaning to see this movie, but didn’t get around to it yet. how was it?

  2. thank you for recognizing my expert knife work.

    theory of everything was okay. not really a “love story,” more about watching the actor’s amazing performance as the character’s condition deteriorates; i thought it would be depressing, but it’s surprisingly very uplifting.

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