6.176 Ricotta Cheese and Roasted Garlic Dear Darla Pizza


30 (Tue) June 2015

Ricotta Cheese and Roasted Garlic Dear Darla Pizza


from Yellow Cab [delivery]

in my new apartment

-Malate, Manila-

with CL

Moved today, officially — no longer an Ermitan, now a Malatian.

Having celebrated the unofficial move a couple days ago with food traditional to moving day in Korea (see generally 6.174 Jjajang Myeon etc.), I ordered pizza this time as per American tradition.

For the move, I’d estimated needing about 10 crates but initially bought 12 to play it safe … through several repeat visits to the hardware store, I ended up buying 36 crates; 90% of the stuff comprised items (e.g., cookbooks, cooking supplies) that I’d brought over from Korea, one suitcase at a time; no wonder that the apartment had begun to feel cramped.

Dear Darla is a speciality pizza by Yellow Cab (see generally 5.093 Anchovy Lovers Pizza).  Essentially the same thing as, an outright copy of, My Kitchen’s The Original (see generally 4.270 The Original – Verena), a thin pizza cut into strips and rolled with arugula and alfalfa sprouts.

Not bad, but nowhere near as good as the original.

2 thoughts on “6.176 Ricotta Cheese and Roasted Garlic Dear Darla Pizza

  1. congrats on the new and bigger house! 36 crates…that’s a lot…

    on a price side, how much is Dear Darla? if it is reasonably cheaper than The original with 2.5 rating, then it would be a good deal.

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