6.177 Bulgogi


1 (Wed) July 2015



at Sariwon (IFC Mall)

-Youido, Seoul-

with LA

Sariwon is a Korean restaurant chain; 8 locations in Korea and, by sheer coincidence, 2 in the Philippines; specializes in beef dishes, focus on bulgogi (see for example 4.218 Hanwoo Bulgogi…).

Mission to Korea + Personal Deviation, Day 1.

In Seoul.  Arrived this evening.  Here to support a parliamentarian forum on global health — a high profile event, the Organization represented in full force by the RD, DPM, DSE, and … me — Thursday and Friday.  Going home for the weekend.  Back to Manila on Sunday night.

Mul Naeng Myeon (1.0) — not even close (see for comparison 5.103 Mul Naeng Myeon x 2), though LA seemed to enjoy it.

Dinner with DSE, which was both a privilege and a bit unnerving.  As Director of Health Security and Emergencies, her insights into the MERS situation were fascinating.  But rarely does a technical officer get to dine with a director one on one — in fact, I haven’t even done so with the director of my own division — so I had to stay on my toes the whole time.   Anyway, I was grateful for the experience.

The bulgogi was okay, though it didn’t come close to being legendary.

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